Student Support Center


Student Support Center

“Whole-child services for student and family success!”

The Student Support Center at Ethel Phillips Elementary School was established in 2013 to provide students and their families with the supports they need in order to achieve success at school, at home and in life.

New for 2020-21: Virtual Student Support Center!

Just because schools are closed and we are learning from afar, does not mean you are alone.  Visit our brand-new Virtual Student Support Center for games, information, resources and support!

Our Services

Located in Room B8 at the school, services provided by the Student Support Center include:

  •     Links to basic needs (food, clothing, shelter, holiday assistance, 
  •     Mentoring and tutoring;
  •     Health insurance and health care;
  •     Mental health counseling;
  •     Psychoeducational groups;
  •     Parent and caregiver supports;
  •     School-wide events & activities;
  •     and so much more!

Student Support Center staff are highly trained and experienced in mental health, community and youth development, social work and education.  We are passionate about the wellbeing of each student on campus, and work hard to be partners with parents in achieving their goals for their family.  Please stop by and meet our staff any time!

  •     Liz Sterba, MS, MSW – Coordinator 
        On campus Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
  •     Heather Isakson, LCSW – School Social Worker 
        On campus each Thursday

If you are interested in services for your student, or just want more information about the many resources our Student Support Center provides, come by Room B8 and visit, text us at (916)826-3050, or call us at (916)395-4565, extension 214118.  We look forward to seeing you!

Si está interesado en los servicios para su estudiante, o simplemente desea más información sobre los muchos recursos que ofrece nuestro Centro de Apoyo Estudiantil, pase por el Salón B8 y visítenos, envíenos un mensaje de texto al (916) 826-3050 o llámenos al (916) 395 -4565, extensión 214118. ¡Esperamos verte pronto!

(916) 395-4565 ext. 214118