Welcome From the Principal
The campus of Ethel Phillips is a well known and appreciated component of the community. Generations of Dragons have attended and continue to attend as part of tradition. The campus continues to grow and work to meet the needs of our families.

Welcome to Ethel Phillips Elementary School Webpage. We are a unique school with far reaching goals and a dedicated staff that seek to improve and strive for excellence.  We are one of the few remaining schools that has been able to maintain small class sizes with the help of the Quality Education Investment Act grant.   Currently we house 25 students in our largest classrooms.  In addition to our relatively smaller classes, we also have a system of interventions that work to target students individual needs.   At various times, classroom teachers are working with small groups to support them. 

Beyond our school wide interventions, we also have a unique early exit transitional Bilingual program which has produced some of our most bilingual and capable members in our community. These interventions include summer school, Saturday  school after school and throughout the school day.  These interventions are focused on helping students with what they need to be successful. 

Recently we have also begun to explore the use of technology as a tool to support the learning of all of our students.  As a school site we are focused on improving all of our academic scores, but the primary focus is on English Language Arts, Reading and Writing.  We hope you are able to enjoy our website.  For further questions, please contact our school site.

Principal Hernández

(916) 277-6277