General information

Our Vision and Mission


The students, families, staff and surrounding neighbors of Ethel Phillips School are working together to support all students to develop cooperation with peers, creativity, personal responsibility and accountability.  Students will achieve academically and develop critical thinking and problem-solving strategies that will lead to success in an ever-changing world.

In order to bring our vision into reality, we will:

  • Develop cooperation within the community
  • Foster students’ creativity.
  • Teach responsibility.
  • Provide quality instruction of California State Standards.
  • Encourage opportunities for students to think critically and solve problems.

Ethel Phillips Elementary has high expectations for students. Teachers work as a team to encourage students to be independent learners and use a variety of small group methods to develop problem-solving skills, cooperation, and higher-level thinking skills. The staff works closely with parents and other community members to be responsive to the needs of students and the community. Accountability Report Accountability reports are available from the SCUSD Web site.